Fall Essentials Challenge

I've decided to combine the Colette Fall Palette Challenge and the Fall Essentials Sew-Along but I'm adding one constraint that I didn't have for the Spring Palette Challenge: to only use patterns and fabrics already in my stash. I still haven't finished all the items on my list from the Spring Palette Challenge and I think this is due - in part - to the fact that I didn't have all the fabric and patterns I needed. No doubt finishing these items will take me through winter...and who knows, maybe next fall too! So my palette choices are based on fabrics already in my stash. Here are the colors I've chosen to work with: Colette_Fall_Palette
Color by COLOURlovers I'll be making one dress, one skirt and four shirts: View A from the Simplicity Lisette pattern 2245:
A repeat of view B from Simplicity 2655:
View B from New Look 6808 except with a scoop neckline:
View A from Simplicity 3887:
View A from Burda 7431:
And, last but not least, view B from Simplicity 2339:
I can also count at least two of these projects (the red linen blouse and the black skirt) as part of my Fill the Gaps Challenge, yay! These are both basics that are lacking in my wardrobe. And polka dots are nearly basics, right?


  1. I would just like to beg shamelessly for the Simplicity pattern 2245. Its so very cute! pmdelnegro@gmail.com

  2. It is a good pattern - is it out of print? I definitely plan on using it again, so I'm going to hold on to it.

    1. Hi I also so desperately am looking for simplicity 2245. Any chance for a copy? Pretty pretty please


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