Croatia: Rijeka

I realized I've been slacking and haven't finished my Croatia trip posts! The country is too beautiful not to share, so here's the next city we visited: Rijeka. It's a port city and we only stayed there a night in order to break up our voyage south.

This building reminded me of some of the buildings in Chicago:

And I thought this square was pretty, especially the colors:

Our main activity in Rijeka was climbing many thousands of stairs (I didn't count but there were a lot) to the fortress at the top of the hill.

Here's the very unassuming fortress:

And here's a view from the top:

We started from way down here, at the port:

And to reward ourselves after all that climbing:

Yummy pivo, perfect for rehydrating after all that stair climbing! OK, maybe not, but still yummy! :)


  1. What magnificent scenery! That does look like a massive walk, but good thing you had refreshments waiting ;)


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