Ouch! Fitting Issues!

So I started a new project (for me) this week, thinking I could get it done before we left town on Saturday morning. I had the materials, it didn't seem complicated, blah, blah, blah. AND, if the pattern actually fit me as drafted, it would be done already! But of course that's not the case.

The pattern is the Lotus Cami by Amy Butler.

I cut out the M/L, following the package indications for my measurements. After trying it on, all sewn up except the back and the armholes, it seems too big, but I'd rather cut it out too big than too small!

My issues are these: I'm definitely a smaller cup size than the draft model. But I have pretty broad shoulders and a broad back so I can't just go down a size. So I'm trying to adjust for a small bust along the princess seams.

And speaking of shoulders, one of mine is apparently smaller than the other, or droops or something, so I'm having to take length out of the shoulder strap for that side.

Here's my pins for those adjustments:

And here's the overall effect after pinning (except one little wrinkle in the neckline, which I've now taken care of, theoretically):

I think the neckline is looking okay, right? Ignore the side seams for the moment. It's not to easy to pin oneself and take good pictures!

But what is going on with these back wrinkles?!?

And I'm only getting the wrinkles on that side of my body. I can only assume it's related to the shoulder?? Does anyone have any ideas?

I know that Steph at 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World had quit a few problems with this pattern...but I had forgotten that when I decided to make it up! In any case, her finished shirt is gorgeous!


  1. I am not sure what to advise as I have not sewn either this pattern or one with a similar neckline before.It is a shame that you have had problems as the fabric you have chosen is so pretty and it does look like a nice style for a top too.Persevere...I am sure it will come right in the end!

  2. I think it is looking lovely, and will be gorgeous for your summer! The neckline is so pretty, and I love the fabric you have chosen.
    I think those wrinkling issues probably have something to do with the fact that your body is twisted to one side with one arm reaching in front of your body to hold that camera aimed behind your back ;)
    Don't worry, your top will be lovely when it is finished!

  3. I have only sewn the Anna tunic by Amy B and cannot offer any good advice! It does look like it will be a gorgeous top though. Are the side wrinkles due to the weight of the fabric? x

  4. Oh, pretty! I love the neckline and button back, and your fabric looks lovely! The shoulders and neckline look good to me (the little ripples are where you pinned, right?). I can only assume that the wrinkles are because you're not standing straight, if they're only on one side? It looks like a slightly awkward pose, the way you're taking the picture. Aside from that, there may be a tiny bit of a swayback involved, if the wrinkles are there on both sides when you stand straight. I think. ;) Good luck with the rest of your fitting!

  5. I love the pattern and the fabric. I'm not sure I can really give any good fitting advice, but I do think that those above who suggest it may be your pose holding the camera might be right. What about finishing it and seeing how it works then? Maybe baste, so that you have the option of redoing things? Or get your husband to take the picture, then have another look? Good luck!


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