Zara: Front Side Finished

Yay, the front part of my striped sweater is finished (minus the cowl)! I'm happy to report that after the first few skeins, the yarn stopped being splitty.

In other news, I've finished the first two books in my 12 in 12 Book Challenge.

So far I've read two books with more than 600 pages each. My friend recommended the Shadowmarch fantasy series to me, by Tad Williams. And then she gave it to my for Christmas! So two of those books I'm using toward the challenge. If you like fantasy, and haven't read this series, I really recommend it. The first book took a while to get going, but the long set-up really pays off in all the other books.

For my next book in the challenge I'm thinking of going with a Jules Verne. That counts as a classic, right?

Also, I've added an another page to the blog to showcase other projects. I already had my clothes organized in My Handmade Closet and I wanted to do something for the projects I give away to others. For now I've put everything on the one page, but I may reorganize that in the future. So, I invite you to go have a look if you're interested. :)


  1. This jumper is going to look so nice.I just love the stripes.
    Jules Verne is definitely a classic!


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