Secretary Blouse

This blouse screams to me: SECRETARY!!! But not in a bad way. ;) So I paired it with this gored I don't wear anymore because I think it normally looks frumpy. But it goes well with this shirt, I think.

(Don't ask me what I'm doing with the door; that's my attempt at posing!)

This is my second version of Simplicity 2501. This project doesn't fit into any of my on-going challenges :( I just felt the need to make something relatively quickly that wasn't going to be too I used fabric and notions that I had on hand and chose a pattern I felt comfortable with.

Wonky tie:

My photos aren't that imaginative. It snowed here yesterday and it's way too cold to do a photo shoot outside (in other words, I'm a big wuss). Here's a closer view:

I originally bought these buttons to go on a knit sweater for a little girl, but I ended up not needing them. I'm pleased with how the pattern on the button mirrors the fabric. Serendipity!

Overall I'm happy with how this turned out, especially since I just used what I had on-hand and the fabric (a quilting cotton) is probably a little too stiff than it should ideally be. I am really happy with the silhouette. I think peplums are a good thing for my figure. They give me the illusion of having a waist and hips :)

I used the same size as I did the first time I used this pattern, but for some reason, this time around it's too big in the chest. So instead of trying to do an SBA (or some other adjustment) I just cheated a bit with the buttons to pull in the top. The buttons are in a slight diagonal line now, but I can live with this, no problem.

I'm not 100% finished. You can see in this back view that the cuffs lack buttons:

So I'm going to brave the weather right now and buy the matching buttons.


  1. This fabric and style is fantastic, and it looks great paired with that skirt! Super lovely!

  2. Your blouse turned out really well and doesn't look frumpy at all. If you want a more casual look though, why not try when of the other collars next time? Anyway, the fabric is very pretty and the colour suits you. I can't quite make out what you have done at the waistline - I have this pattern and it doesn't show this feature.

  3. Thanks Meg and Picnicfan!

    For the waistline, I didn't add anything. I used the silhouette that has a waistband connecting the bodice and the peplum (views C, D or E) and then I put the view A sleeves on it. It's hard to tell in the package photo, but they instruct you to make pleats going into the waistband, instead of darts. The pleats create a poufiness...darts would give a smoother line I think.

  4. This looks like a really pretty little number!

  5. I love the fabric, and looks like you've made a really pretty and practical blouse.

  6. My compliments, this is a really cute blouse. Wish I had mine already finished.


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