Project Plans

The next thing I have to finish is the Cynthia Rowley Simplicity 2512 skirt that I owe my friend. I have a week's vacation coming up, so I plan on finishing the skirt then, with this fabric.

And after that, I'll continue to work on my Fall Essentials Challenge and Closing the Gap lists. But I'll also be dreaming about what to make with some new fabric I bought from Ray-Stitch.

I ordered two Colette patterns, plus some lovely celery-colored cambric cotton and pink cotton voile. I think I'll use the celery-colored cotton to make a nice dress shirt. I haven't quite decided for the cotton voile.

I got the Negroni shirt pattern to make some dress shirts for my husband. He requested these for his birthday, which was (whoops!) in January.

Here's the fabric he picked out with me; I purchased enough to (hopefully) make two or three shirts:

It's a bright white pique - hard to see in this photo!


  1. Lots of interesting projects to keep you going for awhile!

  2. ooh, nice project plans. I have seen some lovely crepe dresses made up.I am looking forward to seeing your version. Good luck with the negroni.


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