And the Clock Keeps Ticking

I finished the Lotus Cami today. Well, okay, I still have to tack down the facings inside, but aside from that it's done. I'm letting it sit a spell before I take pictures. All in all, it's not horrible but it's not great either.

In the meantime, here's some photos of other things I've been working on. I don't think I've shown you the progress on my pants for a while...

Here's the front:

And here's where my teacher pinned to indicate where I should sew next:

Pretty pocket lining; I stayed classic:

I've also continued to work on my striped sweater this week. In fact, it's all done - just needs to be sewn together - which, of course - is another several hours of work! But here are the various pieces, roughly in the right position:

I had another failure there too though. I was supposed to make pom-poms for the sweater...well, here's how's my pom-pom turned out:

It's not so much a pom-pom as a cat's hair ball. So then I tried to make a tassel and attached it to my crocheted cord that will pull down the hoodie:

That looks pretty lame too. I'll spare you a close-up of my crochet work; it's not so good.

But I bought this color-coordinated ribbon and I think it'll do the job well:

And just because I need to feel like I did accomplish something this week, here's the last sweater that was waiting for its elbow patches: done, done, done!


  1. Oh wow, I really love your sweater! And well done for the trousers, mine are much further behind still - not even yet assembled in the final fabric.

  2. I agree your jumper looks like it is going to be amazing...I want it NOW!You really did knit that up very quickly.I always find with pom poms that you have to keep winding far more wool on to the form than you think you have to and it does look in the photo as if your pom pom was possibly a bit on the thin side.Have another go but keep on winding and winding and winding..and winding.......and get the idea!!

  3. The jumper is looking sooooooo good! The trousers look as if they are coming together well too. I am lookingforward to seeing the finished products!

  4. Oh, I love the sweater! It looks so neat and the colors are gorgeous! The pants look like they're coming together well! :)


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