New Background and Continuing News of 2512

I was having trouble with my other background. I really loved it, but it just wasn't loading properly. So I replaced it with the new yellow and green one. I'm trying to think of it as spring cleaning :)

I'm diligently working on my crafty to-do list. I have (finally) started the silk skirt for my friend, made from the Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 2512 pattern.

See, here's proof!

I cut out the silk, plus the lining, and I fused the interfacing on to the appropriate pieces.

I also trimmed off the selvedge because I'm planning on using it to hem the skirt, as well as using it as a decorative element on the waist band.

In other news, I finally finished sewing my stripey sweater together and weaving in all the ends, so it is officially DONE! Hopefully I'll get some photos this weekend and post it. Of course, I managed to finish it right after the weather turned warm, so I probably won't be wearing it for some months. ;)


  1. That fabric is luscious. I adore shot wovens!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your wonderful jumper!

  2. Gorgeous fabric - your friend is lucky! I am looking forward to seeing the stripey jumper.x

  3. That is one delicious fabric! Love it. :-)

  4. That is a beautiful colour. Good on you for making your friend the skirt. I'm supposed to be making a skirt for a friend as well but she never turns up for measurements XP


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