Striped Sweater Reveal

Here we have it: the Zara sweater by Mission Falls. The weather was a little cooler today, but still too warm to wear this sweater for very long!

I'm happy with the stripe matching. Of course, I just followed the pattern, so I guess it wasn't too difficult! Here's a closer view:

I could've made the sleeves a bit longer, but I'm okay with them as they are.

I didn't block it (yet), so the edge is curling up a bit.

I could've knit it in the round, but I followed the directions to knit it flat and then sew together. I'm not sure what the advantage was to knit it flat, except that it's less heavy while you're knitting.

I don't know what that expression is, but I think I do that often! :)


  1. Looks wonderful, I love the stripes and the colours are so beautiful!

  2. This is such a gorgeous jumper and you should be very proud of the result...I can't believe how quickly you knitted this up either!!I love the colours and pleased that the initial wool splitting issue did not cause any problems sufficient to put you off making the jumper.It looks like you gave up on the pom-pom's then?
    I would so love this jumper but the cowl neck would only highlight my elderly crepe paper neck and produce the "startled Tortoise" effect!You lok wow!!

  3. I like the colours of your new page too..very fresh and pretty!

  4. Beautiful Donna, those colours are absolutely gorgeous!! And I completely love that lovely collar too.... Magnificenbt work!
    I responded to the Sunshine award on my blog today; thank you so much! If you are interested the post is

  5. Thank you everyone! :) It actually was a very straightforward knit - not a lot of shaping, etc. It's the colors that make it I think.

  6. You did a goog job, Donna. I love it, gorgeous colours. I like the cowl neck too.

  7. This is a FABULOUS sweater. I am so impressed by how the arms stripes match the body stripes. And I love how you styled it in this picture, with the boots and the earrings. Très chic!

  8. It looks marvelous!! I adore the stripes, and I love how well it lines up. The colors are so chipper and cheery! Wonderful work, my friend!


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