My friend Drew and I went on a day trip to Bourges yesterday. It was a cute city; I especially liked the area behind the old Gallo-Roman ramparts. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture over there; that was stupid of me.

My second favorite place was probably the Palais Jacques Coeur, who was the mint master for Charles VII. My outfit for Me Made June (day 3) is shown next to his statute:

Here are some other photos in and around the palace:

If you like travel photos, I found this blog not long ago: Mr and Mrs Globe Trot. It's written by a couple of newlyweds who took 6 months after their marriage to travel around the world. They take beautiful photos. If you don't want to read the blog, you can simply look at their Flickr photo stream.


  1. This is the best post you have ever done. But, I think you have not yet reached your summit which will come in T-minus 30 days!!!

  2. Great photos! Sounds like you're having an amazing time. :-)

    Those little monkeys carved into the base of what-ever-it-is are so adorable!

  3. Thanks Drew, I'm super excited about Croatia!

    And I love the monkeys; they are my favorite element in that palace. Although I really love the ceiling/hull too...


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