Busy Week

I didn't have time to post this week because I busy trying to finish my costume (plus T's costume) for a themed birthday party on Saturday the 18th. Our friend was celebrating her 30th birthday and she decided to throw a big costumed party with the theme being animated shows/cartoons from the 80's. So of course I started working on the costumes on maybe...Monday, only after having picked out the character on Saturday. Note to self: never do that again!

T. decided to go as Tao from Les Mystérieuses Cités d'Or:

Here's his finished outfit, sans accessories:

If we ever have to dress in costume again, I think his outfit could easily pass as an ancient Roman, non?

And, despite never having watched the show, I decided to be Heidi from Studio Ghibli's Heidi, Girl of the Alps:

Both drawings came from Google Images.

I don't have pictures of me in my full outfit (forgot to take some last night at the party - too busy partying I guess), but here's one that shows the finished skirt:

I wanted the majority of my outfit to be made of pieces I could wear again. It seemed simple enough, a red skirt and a red tank top. (I purchased a yellow t-shirt for the undershirt). I used Simplicity 2367 again for the skirt (this time I placed the waist band correctly but still managed to f** up the zipper). I'll be able to wear it after I fix the zipper and the finished product actually fits in with two of my current challenges:


Plus it'll give me one more thing to wear during Me-Made-June, yay!

The red top, however, was a disaster. I tried to adapt the bodice from New Look 6587 in order to make the top. The top ended up too big in the bust and too tight at the waist. It's so tight I can't even close the last button. Definitely not a wearable object in 'real' life and unfortunately there's no easy fix. Actually the easy fix would be to start all over again but I don't love the idea of the top that much so I have no plans on doing so.

Nonetheless I'll try to get a photo of me wearing the full costume so you can see the damage :)

In the meantime I need to get my house (and head) back in order after a crazy week of sewing. Plus I didn't go to bed 'til 6 am today. That is the first time ever in many years that I've crawled out of bed past noon.


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