Ruffle Blouse: Completed!

I finished Simplicity 2501 today.

Frankly I'm not in love with it. It's okay; it matches my pin-striped skirt. So in theory it fits in with this project:

But I don't love it so I don't know how often I'll wear it. The neckline wrinkles. I think I prefer binding the neckline with bias tape. And it seems just kinda prissy.

I messed up when I cut out the pattern because I intended to do view E, which has a peplum, but I cut out the waist length for view A/B. I considered trying to shorten the waist and use the peplum (after all, I had cut out the peplum pieces) but I had already sewed the side seams and finished the neckline and the flounce, sooo I decided to just sew the hem to see what it looked like. And it looks okay. It might be cuter with the peplum but that will have to wait 'til my next effort with this pattern.

The wind has been crazy lately. I (i.e. T.) took pictures right after I finished it, so you can still see my chalk lines, etc.

Here's a close-up of the button, which I do like:

In other project news, my attempt at fixing my bra with lace was a bust. The lace looked nice and it did give me better coverage, but the bra still isn't comfortable enough to wear. Sorry, Meg I don't think it works! :) Maybe if I bought a bra extender...but after all that I would've spent as much as a new bra.

And here's my Me-Made-June for Day Two:


  1. I think your new top is very pretty, not prissy at all! And looks like it will be a really useful top.

  2. Thank you! I hope I'll wear it; we'll see how it looks after it's gone through the wash.

  3. I adore your ruffle blouse - I think it's fabulous! I don't think it's too prissy at all. It's a great foundation piece, and if you want to wear it under a tailored jacket, it might cover up some of the areas you don't like while showcasing your ruffle. I am so disappointed the lace trick didn't work! I guess that means you and I both are going shopping :)


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