Glasses Have Arrived

Thank you everybody for helping me pick out my new eyeglasses. Here were the choices:

I chose Option #4:

My eyes are still adjusting to the new prescription. That doesn't explain the squint; I'm always like that.

And here's what I've been wearing for Me Made June. I've had to repeat a lot of items because I don't have much! This shows days 9 - 18 (in no particular order), except day 10. The image file for that day is too small for it to work with this collage. On days 17 and 18 I wore the same thing, except for the evening, when I changed into my Heidi costume. :)

Thank you Drew and T. for helping with the photos and have a great week everyone!


  1. Your new glasses look lovely on you!
    I'm always so afraid when I go to pick out new frames.
    I can never see myself properly in the mirror to judge a frame without the prescription in them!

    You did well - they compliment your eyes :D

  2. Thank you! I haven't been wearing them often yet; I feel like I need to break them in. :)

  3. These look lovely! Excellent choice :)

  4. Your new glasses look lovely, a great choice! And accessorised beautifully with your smile!

  5. Sorry about that tiny picture I took! :(
    Love the new glasses. Hope to see them soon (you didn't wear them last night?).
    Also, your blog changed! You have leaves at the top now. :)

  6. Drew, I got used to not wearing glasses and so now when I wear them I get a headache. I know I need to just wear 'em a bit to get adjusted. No biggie for the photo - thanks for taking it in the first place - I just couldn't make it work in the collage.

    I like the leaves - I felt like the top area was a little bare. :)


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