Me Made June Collage #1

I haven't been doing posts on my Me-Made-June outfits, but here's a collage of my outfits for the first 8 days:

The tops are all sewn by me, EXCEPT the butterfly top and the shirt (and cardigan) I'm wearing in the photo next to the statue. The brown linen pants are sewn by me.

Thanks to D. & T. for taking the pictures. Clearly I need to break out some skirts!


  1. Yes, why no skirts?! Is it still cold where you are? But you are looking good in this challenge! I really like that darker blue top with jeans, pictured in the bottom left picture...

  2. Thanks Carolyn...the last couple days have been difficult because I was running out of clothes! The weather has been unseasonably cool lately, but we need the rain so I'm not complaining. Maybe I'll get to wear a skirt tomorrow :)

  3. The blouse in the first pic is really cute, I love the collar! Also, the red&white tunic is very cool, love the pentagon shaped yoke!


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